Burn Permit & Burn Ban Info

Burn Ban Status: As of 11/24/2020, North-West Fire Protection District is no longer in a burn ban. Please call (719) 835-4160 for up to date information.

The Burn Pit is permanently closed. But the Fairplay Slash Site is open.

**As of 6/19/19, Park County is under a single burn permit. Meaning, the open burning guidelines have been standardized into one burn permit that is used by each fire district, but each fire district will still have jurisdiction over their area. Therefore, you must obtain a burn permit from the fire district in which you live. A burn permit is not transferable from one district to another.

Please review the new burn permit as some guidelines have been updated. Most notably, there is no slash burning from May through October. Slash is the tree limbs, pine needles, and fine fuels that are a byproduct of felling trees. Therefore, only whole logs and heavier fuels that do not give off a lot of ash are permitted for burning.

Some helpful hints for maintaining and extinguishing a safe campfire on private or public property are in this document: Campfires

NWFPD’s Online Burn Permit System

Apply for your online burn permit today!

**As of 8/1/2019, NWFPD is transitioned to a fully online burn permit system. The goal of this is to create an easy process for the user and to better inform NWFPD of burns within the district.

Open nwfpd.burnpermits.com. This homepage has NWFPD’s contact information, current fire danger, and answers to questions that you may have.

Click on the create account tab and fill out the form with the same information you would have used with the old paper format. The burn site can be marked exactly on Google Maps, which helps NWFPD know where there are burns in case NWFPD is dispatched to a smoke sighting. You can pay online via PayPal, but you do not have to have a PayPal account. You can also pay later in person at NWFPD’s Station 2 via cash or check. The amount is still the same at $10.

When you burn, you call (719) 270-2967. It is an automated system where you report your burn. You no longer have to call NWFPD to report your burn.

If you have any questions, please call NWFPD at 719-836-3150.

NWFPD appreciates your cooperation and effort in making District 4 safer.