Burn Permit


The Burn Pit is permanently closed. But, the Fairplay Slash Site is open.

If you have any questions please contact us in the office; we can also be reached at 719-836-3150.  Burn permit required for any open burning. A $10 annual burn permit is required for anyone doing open burning including fire pit, fireplace or campfire.  A link to PayPal will be available on the confirmation page after submitting the form below.

Full Name:*
Driver's License #:*
Mailing Address:*
Phone (home):
Phone (mobile):*
Phone (work):
Email Address:*
Address/ Location of Burn:*
Material to be Burned:*

Name of responsible person who will remain on site, and phone number where that person can be contacted during the burn.
Individual's Name:*
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When North-West Fire Protection District receives your completed burn permit and your payment, the Approved ‘Burn Permit’ will be emailed/mailed to you at the address you supplied on the ‘Burn Permit’ form.