Address Signs

WHY: Town code requires an address sign in order to have a driveway installed on a commercial or residential property. They also help first responders in identifying your property in the event of an emergency call, thus reducing response time.

WHO: North-West Fire can make you an address sign at Station 2 (21455 US HWY 285, Fairplay, CO). Please call ahead to make sure the on-duty shift is at the station to make the sign for you (719-836-3150).

WHAT: The signs are 6″x18″, green, and highly reflective. White sticker numbers are placed on the sign for the address. The cost of the sign is $20, via cash or check.

HOW: Although there is no county code for an address sign post, NWFPD recommends that a sign is mounted to a 4″ x 4″x4′ tall post. One foot of the post is planted in the ground, and then the sign can be mounted at the top of the post (three feet off the ground). Therefore, the sign is mounted high enough to account for snow drifts and easily seen along the roadway.

Please call ahead (719-836-3150) to the on-duty shift to have them make your sign for you in advance and to see if they will be at the station for you to pick it up (station staffing dependent on response to 911 call).